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How to Create a Powerpoint Presentation that Won’t Put People to Sleep

By | source:Udemy Mar 22nd, 2015

Before a presentation your nerves become fired up and your heart starts to pound.  While the audience may be sizing you up, they are only hoping for an engaging presentation. They want you to succeed and quite frankly they need you to succeed. The infographic provided by Udemy walks us through the three critical points to creating a great presentation.

Content provides the bulk of your presentation. It should remain clear, crisp, and current. The audience expects to feel plugged in to what you are presenting. While your ideas and information may seem sufficient to you, you ought to confer with a colleague or friend to ensure that what you plan to provide will be well received.

However captivating your presence may be, visuals always help to reinforce spoken information. Undoubtedly, we live in a time where animation has never been more advanced, but keep your visuals simple and straightforward. The majority of the focus should be on you rather than on your slideshow design.

After your presentation’s content and design have been established, you’ll need to practice your delivery. Steer away from regurgitating all the information you’ve researched and especially from reading what you’ve written on the slides. Let the slides guide but let your voice, posture, cadence, and tone command the audience.

After developing these three points, you will be an even better public speaker. Not a single person will fall asleep when you are confident in your delivery, creative in design, and concise in your content.