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How to Forecast Weather Without Gadgets

By | source: Jan 15th, 2012

Yup, you guessed right: witchcraft.
And just your luck–in this day and age, you wonâ??t be burned at the stake!

JUST kidding… forecasting weather isnâ??t all fun nâ?? games. It is an endeavor thatâ??s been seriously undertaken since man turned his hand to reap the earthâ??s harvest. Often, people have set their ambitious gazes towards the sky. Color, cloud formations, and the direction of the wind are all foreshadowing sky phenomena.

Though we may call ourselves the most â??advancedâ? of the earth-walking species, we lag far behind in the area of intuitively sensing change in the atmosphere. Other animals, especially birds, are much more in tune with the rumblings of future storms.

In that mystical period just before the rain, all animals become quiet in a literal â??calm before the stormâ?. These behaviors–in both flora and fauna–are what we must observe to get a better grip on the “moods” of our environment. Let this infographic enlighten you on such a primal, crucial matter. (via)

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