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How To Keep Your Creativity Flowing: Reminders From A Californian

By | source: Feb 16th, 2014

Being creative is about utilizing the tools you have to make situations better. Whether the problem has to do with the business or personal world, creativity is what drives the solution. Innovation is the product of creativity. World-changing solutions and compromise in relationships don’t just happen. People are responsible for social change.

Creativity is responsible for everything that we have today. Someone came up with an idea that  you are reaping the benefits of. Today we thank a very creative Californian for the reminder on how to ensure your imagination is still thriving.

We are already full of ideas. They shape everything we do, everyday. Yet it is important to strive for understanding. Reading more and listening to others can help you put life in a new light. Making adventure happen by traveling, taking the bus, or just experiencing something new will make you use new thoughts and strategies.

While exposing ourselves to all things new and making sure we stay on our toes is important to being able to innovate, we need to be able to feel comfortable and safe in where we are in life. Going for a walk and spending time in nature is critical in feeling grounded. Admiring the music you love and reminding yourself that YOU are YOU and the only YOU is by far most important.

You only have as much potential for change as you allow yourself to have. However, your potential is contingent on how creative you are. [via]