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How to Keep Your Dog Safe at the Beach

By | Jun 1st, 2016

So you’re taking your dog to the beach. If you’ve never taken it swimming before, you might want to check that it can swim.

The infographic mentions corgis and pugs as non-swimming dogs, but bulldogs, dachshunds, bull terriers, basset hounds, chow chows,  pekignese, and shih-tzus are also on this list. You may notice a theme of thick bodies, short legs, and short snouts, features which make swimming more difficult. The problems isn’t so much that these breeds aren’t able to swim as that swimming is harder for them and they will tire quickly / get water up their noses. Many of these breeds will still enjoy splashing in the shallows, but please, please put a life vest on them. Go ahead a put a life vest on any dog, actually.

Enjoy the waves, and for you bulldog owners we’ve got another handy safety infographic that you should check out.

(Side note: I did take a cat to the beach once, and it actually seemed to enjoy the first day. After that it was nonstop rain which didn’t go down too well.)