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How to Look Confident Even When You’re Not

By | source:Vegas Extreme Skydiving Aug 13th, 2016

Seeming confident is almost as beneficial as actually being confident. Here are some tricks to boost your mood, or at least fake it.

It’s a cruel truth that the times when we have the most need of confidence it is most likely to desert us. A date, a job interview, a presentation, a sudden dance-off, whenever you need to be on top of your game your game is gone. But fear not, it is entirely possible to fool people into thinking that you are far more comfortable than you actually feel.

Looking people in the eye during a conversation is a must, but tread carefully. Non-stop eye contact is quite off-putting, and it’s much better to appear shy than creepy. Believe me, it is.

Dressing sharp is a great way to feel sharp. Just make sure that you’re also reasonably comfortable. Those stilettos might look amazing, but if you’re not used to them, a big presentation might not be the time to break them in.

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