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How To Navigate The Internet At Work

By | source: May 15th, 2013

For today’s infographic we have a bit of humour for you. For those of you who are still n00bs (aka novices), NSFW is internet short-hand for something that would not be appropriate for the workplace or any other public place for viewing on your internet browser. So basically this would include anything with profanity, nudity or other suggestive content. It’s handy for blogs to post this next to a link or video so that people won’t think you’re a weirdo.

So now that you know what is ‘not safe for work’, it can be a slippery slope of discretion as to what is safe. This infographic aims to alleviate that confusion. The center represents the heart of NSFW – so basically pornography. Moving outward from the center the NSFW-ness declines with each ring. Outside the circle you have the IRS website and Propublica (a news source). Seemingly a little too ‘SFW’? Not too sure; but the rest of the infographic has a nice gradient from the boring to the time-suckers to the WTF kind of websites. For instance, I did not know that there was a site dedicated to erotic Sonic the Hedgehog fan art… You know, I learn something new every day. Enjoy!