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How To Rock Your Next Email Campaign

By | source:Here Aug 16th, 2018

Engage customers and increase your open rate by including strong components in your email campaign.

Not everyone is on Twitter or Instagram, but almost every person you know has an email account. Don’t believe me? There are around three more times more email accounts than Facebook and Twitter accounts combined! Use this to your advantage with targeted email campaigns.

According to market studies, people are up to six times more likely to click on a link sent through email than Twitter. This means that email marketing can be your golden ticket to a life of marketing bliss.

Nevertheless, the rise of email campaigns implies that competition is stiff. How can we ensure people are opening and enjoying our emails? For starters, the guys at Campaign Monitor and Email Monks ranked email designs to find what makes an email stand out from the crowd. The key factors are a combination of design, exceptional content, and the right target market.

In today’s competitive market, anyone can design email content. By following the suggestions on this infographic, you’ll make your next email campaign stand out from the crowd.