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Having Regular Sex Can Help You Live Longer

By | source:Here May 16th, 2018

Sex and intimacy are already a big part of most adult lives, but are you aware of the health benefits?

Give yourself a wellness boost with a little more love: Increasing the frequency of sexual intercourse has been correlated to a decrease in breast cancer in women, and a prostate cancer in men. Not bad! Orgasms are amazing, but they aren’t the only benefit that comes from sex. You’ll gain everything from an improved sense of smell, reduced depression and even weight loss. Sex is an all-around health booster.

Have insomnia? Try to show yourself some love before bed. Want shinier hair? Getting it on three times a week has been scientifically proven to give men and women bright eyes, strong hair and a “glowing complexion.” What else can we ask for?

The bad part about all of this? It works the other way around, too. When you get into an argument with your partner, being upset can slow your body’s healing ability and make it harder to stay healthy. If you’re fighting regularly, that can also affect your lifespan. One point for marriage therapy! Whether you want to get it on with a partner or all by yourself, do it for your health!