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Is This ‘Justice’?

By | source:IVN.US Mar 13th, 2015

The United States prison system has grown in size and shape. The prison system has grown to the point that 1 out of 99 adults are in prison. The prison system also has a high ethnic disparity due to racially biased laws within the justice system. mantra of “Hard on Crime” has not lead to safer nation. This infographics has seven dreadful facts about the prison system.

One of the facts is that taxpayers pay $69 billion every year to maintain prisons. Throwing away the key and imprisoning them has become very expensive. Another fact is that 1 in 15 black men is in prison. There is no more you can say about that fact. Another amazing fact is that it costs four times as much to maintain an inmate than sending a child to school. Yet, little has been done to address educational and socio-economic situations of minorities.

I am not advocating for the mass release of prisoners but finding a better way to reform. The justice system and the prison system is just one facet of the issues faced by the US. There are a lot of issues that are needed to be addressed and resolved in order to have equality for all.  The key is having an education system that is fair and just for all of the communities in the US.