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Is Your Social Media Strategy Profitable?

By | source:Here Aug 10th, 2018

Being active in social media is a no-brainer for most businesses nowadays. But are you really doing it right?

The first step towards a successful social media campaign is a market study. Your company should know not only what your competitors are doing these days, but also what social media platforms their audience is using.

Pinterest can be great for promoting interesting visual campaigns, and lousy for video. Facebook can be a great basic tool, but Twitter’s inherent speed might be better for your brand… if your target audience isn’t on the same platform, regardless of your campaign’s quality, they won’t find you!

The next big thing is having a detailed plan: this should include your goals (both financial and social) in clear numbers. Whether is clicks per ad, newsletter signups or hashtag uses, be clear on what you want to have in the end so you tailor the campaign for success.

This plan should also include how you will measure the campaign’s metrics in order to make projections and improvements. Maybe the first time or two isn’t a huge hit, but social media is all about trial and error, and we can learn so much from every setback! Check out today’s infographic for a quick and easy guide to measuring your social media success in a pinch.