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Is Your Startup Idea Taken?

By | source:imgur Nov 8th, 2015

I tend of have these moments, and I’m sure you do too. They’re called eureka moments and it’s when I think of something like a solution to a problem I believe no one has discovered before. A lot of times these are business ideas, or app ideas.

The funny thing is, I’m usually not alone in my revelations. After a quick google search of my idea there is usually something eerily similar already in existence. Today’s infographic covers exactly that. The most thought of startup ideas and if they already exist in business form.

This graphic looks at normal, everyday industries like pets, laundry and parking and references them with some of the largest, most successful start up ideas like uber and airbnb. It looks like there’s not tinder for getting laundry done and that sounds fair. I use the closest laundromat to my house, I’m not going to care what the place looks like or what it’s interested in.