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It Is Hot Out Here: Pool Remodeling And The Impact On Your Home

By | source:InfinityPoolAndSpa May 21st, 2015

Summer has arrived, at least for us in the south. You may have heard of all the rains Texas and other southern states are receiving, but don’t let that fool you. The sun is out full force most of the days and the rain just adds to the humidity. Nothing can beat the heat like a quick jump in the neighbor’s pool.

As a child, swimming was the main event of summer. Every single day I would run barefoot across our scalding street to my grandparent’s pool and jump in. Spending 4 or 5 hours swimming around was the norm, then on the weekend we’d head down to the water park to spend even more time sloshing and sliding. As I grow older swimming is still a staple of the summer months. During college I’d swim in the river almost daily, my parents also bought a house with a pool itself. The greatest part of getting older is finding friends with the nice pools.

I’m talking about infinity pools, heated, hot-tubbed wonders, and even shipping container pools. Massive decks and diving boards, slides, jets and water features. Remodeling a pool to be something fantastic. Today’s infographic can give you a little more insight on the matter.