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The Job Success Factor That’s Become Impossible To Ignore

By | source:Here Jul 1st, 2019

Intelligence is great quality to have when trying to pursue a successful career in any field.  That doesn’t necessarily mean just being smart, however. Getting a good grip on relationships and knowing how to be appropriately expressive is just as important.

The ability to control and express emotions, as well as being able to handle interpersonal relationships is called emotional intelligence (also known as EQ).  It’s important, because people who have this skill tend to perform better in the workplace.

Employers are starting to pay more attention to emotional intelligence when they add members to their team.  Currently, about 20% of companies look for that trait when considering potential candidates.

There are many ways you can improve your EQ.  You can always start with being positive at work.  Everyone prefers to work in a happy office anyway. Being able to resolve conflict in a constructive manner is also a bonus.  Simply looking for a solution is much more productive than pointing the finger and blaming someone.

A workplace that lacks EQ is bound to go through problems like conflict and lack of motivation.

Overall, being smart is great, but keeping a balance between your intellect and emotions is better.  So next time you get angry with a coworker, just remember, there’s always a better solution.