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A Green Thumb’s Guide To Fresh Flowers

By | source:Here Jan 19th, 2020

Flowers make a great addition to any home. You can make any room look more elegant or put together with a vase of fresh-cut flowers. Of course, keeping fresh flowers in the home comes with its own set of struggles. How to arrange them, how to keep them alive, and how to make them look their best are all factors that should be considered. 

The first question is, what kind of flower or plant should you get? You should always try to go for whatever is currently in season. This ensures that they will keep for the longest amount of time possible, and it’s better for sustainability. Decide what look you’re going for, and choose a vase to match that style. Don’t forget to change the water every day to keep the flowers looking healthy! 

There are a few other tricks you can do to keep flowers healthy for longer. Number one is to add a small lemon slice to the flower water. This will help the flowers look fresher for longer as they absorb the sugars from the fruit. You can also drop a penny or an aspirin into the water to perk up some sad buds if you can’t change the water daily.

Show your creativity with the flower arrangements! In this infographic, there are a few tricks and tips to show you what else you can do to make arranging easier and look better with minimal effort.