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Your Keyboard Is Surprisingly Gross

By | source:Here May 12th, 2021

Sometimes we don’t think about cleaning out everyday items because we don’t see them as dirty. This infographic shows the truth about what exactly is lurking on your keyboard and how to take care of those nasty little germs. To prove their point, they include information from a few different studies that have taken place all over the world. 

For every square inch on your keyboard, there are three thousand organisms on average. They performed a study in the United Kingdom to discover what types of harmful bacteria may exist on the average keyboard. They found some keyboards had more bacteria than the bathroom handle!

In Chicago, there was a study that found two kinds of drug-resistant bacteria on keyboards that could last up to 24 hours (including MRSA). Although most of these germs are not easily transmissible without a pre-existing condition, they are easily picked up through cuts on your fingers and hands. 

If that wasn’t enough, a survey was conducted and found that only around half of people consistently clean their keyboards! Luckily, this infographic comes with a cleaning guide! The first step is to unplug it and then dust the surface. There are many techniques for dusting, including using a toothbrush!

Along with many other tips found in this image, you can learn more about safety and germs here!