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The Likelihood Of You Becoming A Millionaire

By | source:Here Dec 15th, 2021

Some say that money can’t buy you happiness. If you’re the type of person who would rather find out for yourself, you’re probably not alone.

With around 30% of the world’s population reaching for this goal, the odds may be stacked against you. But what are your actual chances of becoming a millionaire?


If you want to join the million dollar club, your best bet is to stay in school. People with postgraduate degrees have a chance that’s eight times higher than those with a high school diploma. You can always try dropping out and running a startup, but your success rate drops to about 0.5%. Maybe your parents were right to nag about staying in college. 


That’s not all that parents are good for, however. A large portion of millionaires have inherited their money from their family. Don’t worry, hard work should still pay off according to 60% of people. So don’t give up! 


There’s nothing wrong with wanting to get a taste of the million dollar lifestyle. The old fashioned way of working hard still gets the job done. So get out and get cracking! To get you started, learn about the most in-demand careers here. On the other hand, you can always wait for that letter from your long lost uncle that wants to leave you his entire fortune.