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Linux vs. Windows For Small Business Productivity

By | source:Here Aug 30th, 2019

Is Linux better than Windows? For many people, Windows OS seems like a better and way easier choice. If you’re not a power user, it’s likely you feel Linux is overcomplicated and more trouble than it is worth. But is that all there is to it?

Amongst its users, Linux has proved its effectiveness many times over Windows OS as an operating system. First of all, Linux is an open source project, which means any user can have a look at the code and even alter it according to their specific needs. This is amazing if you’re an entrepreneur because you can craft the system to your needs. In comparison, getting Windows is like buying a car but not being able to see what’s under the hood. In short, it works, but you have no idea how and if it breaks down, you’ll have no clue what went wrong.

Even so, it’s true that for the vast majority of people, Windows is the easier choice. Sure, Linux lets you change the code and customize your system, but how do you even begin to do that if you’re not a programmer?

Well, thank God for the internet, right? There are tons of blogs and forums online that can solve every little problem you might encounter. The Linux community is huge and, above all, friendly. As the operating system itself is an ongoing project, its users are more than willing to help each other out. Find out more about how Linux compares to Windows with today’s infographic!