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What Your “Maskne” Is Trying To Tell You

By | source:Here Jul 4th, 2021

I don’t know about you, but COVID has wrecked as much havoc on my skin as it has on my social life. I am so thankful for face masks, and their ability to keep me and my loved ones safe during these uncertain times. What I’m not thankful for, though, is the acne that I have accumulated as a result of wearing my mask–or maskne, as they’re calling it. I’ve always just assumed that all acne was the same and that all of my maskne was just an unwelcome byproduct of sweat. 

This infographic has shown me that I knew next to nothing about the truth behind my mask acne. It turns out, not all maskne is the same. Instead, the location of your blemishes say a lot about them. Identifying the location where your acne tends to pop up is a major indicator of what type of acne you’re dealing with–and knowing your acne type allows you to pinpoint the most effective treatment methods. 

Mask mandates are lifting throughout the United States, meaning that most Americans are being liberated from their frustrating journey with maskne. For others, however–such as food service workers and medical professionals–masks aren’t yet a thing of the past. If you’re one of those brave folks still sweating under your mask, I hope this graphic can offer a helping hand. 

Here’s to a summer of clear skin and jam-packed social calendars.