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How To Use Microlearning To Hack Your Brain

By | source:Here Jul 23rd, 2021

The same way as eating our meal in small bites improves our nourishment, the same principle applies to the nourishment of our brain. How many times have you or someone close to you felt like the confused emoji while facing a new challenge, especially while facing a long list of instructions? You could feel overwhelmed by anxiety, fear, and frustration while trying to learn something new, and the feeling can be worse when it comes as an avalanche of unstructured information.

Microlearning is the practice of reducing information into little pieces in order to avoid mental indigestion. New skills are easier to learn when the proper chunks of information are introduced to us in a more organized manner. Bigger is not always better. As you will realize in this infographic, small lessons can lead to big benefits.

So, whether you are having a hard time teaching your children how to handle a tricky task, or you are training some coworkers on a complex topic, take a look at these microlearning tips so you can better introduce the knowledge you want to share with others.

Perhaps, if you handle your daily life more as a student than a teacher, you can take advantage of these microlearning practices that make learning more fun, efficient, and interactive! Looking for courses or teachers that use these same techniques could also make your learning experience more pleasant and effective.