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Most Popular Christmas Toys Since 1983

By | Dec 24th, 2021

Christmas is not Christmas without toys. Of them all, there always will be one toy that shines brighter than the others. Yes, each Christmas had its own famous toy(s) that people must wait in line for hours, pay massive amounts of money and even physically fight in toy store aisles just to get their hands on it. In this infographic, you will find out what were the hot toys of the past three decades’ Christmas holiday.

Back then the hot toys were mainly dolls or action figures, but as the technology evolves, more and more of them were electronics. It was either gaming system/video game console or tablet computer to be specific. From 2000 to 2016, there were 8 out of 17 hot toys were electronics.

Nintendo can be considered as the most favorite company of the holiday – they appeared not only in these recent years (2007, 2008, and 2016) but also in the 80s (1988 – Nintendo Entertainment System) and 90s (1990 – Super Nintendo). Guess that they just have the magic to make every boy (and girl if any)’s dream come true.

Christmas is coming – what do you think will be this year’s toy craze? If you are over toys, you could always try an ugly Christmas sweater. It’s become quite the <gag> gift.