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By | source: Nov 21st, 2011

Can’t wait, only two days of school this week and Thanksgiving break starts, a break full of eating and lounging around. Anyway let’s talk about today’s infographic, The Hairy Truth About the Moustache, here at DI we love facial hair. It’s all we ever talk about, those can grow it, do it, and those who can’t have facial hair envy. Nobody does it better than our heros ZZ Top, they are truly beard guards. We always make sure to attend every beard competition held in America and special occasions we have gotten to go over sees and some competitions there. Oh those Europeans they grow a whole different breed of beard, nothing like some good ol America scruff. I could talk about facial hair all day.

You may have noticed the men around you growing facial hair they normally don’t carry, that’s thanks to Mowvember the month formerly known as November. In order to increase awareness for prostate cancer among other cancers men grow moustaches as a means of raising funds. To read more about it check out the site here. [via]

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