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These Are The Luxury Items Americans Can’t Live Without

By | source:Here Mar 6th, 2018

How do you define luxury? You may think of five-star hotels and designer shopping sprees, but anything that isn’t a necessity can technically be viewed as a luxury.
Believe it or not, sparkling water, alcohol and even a washer and driver are all things we don’t actually need to live.

The team at Thermo Soft surveyed 1,000 Americans to find out which luxury items we absolutely can’t live without. Every participant placed items under one of three categories: “Like it,” “love it” or “have to have it.” Interestingly enough, premium towels are the least loved luxury — tobacco and alcohol also didn’t score too highly. The survey did find that we love Amazon Prime, but we’d rather eat out and travel than have it if we had to choose.

Unsurprisingly, married couples couldn’t resist the luxury of having a dishwasher (it can help you avoid pointless fights) and men would rather have fancy headphones than any other splurge. Millennials prefer international trips over gym memberships, and every demographic rated pets highly. Man’s best friend still gets a lot of love!

The most vital luxury? Of course, wi-fi and smartphones, because heaven forbid we miss the latest Instagram trend. In all seriousness, smartphones are so ubiquitous that it’s wild to think of them as a luxury.