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Off-Roading 101: Enhance Your Experience

By | source:WebOffRoad Apr 29th, 2015

I remember high school was the only time I thought people enjoyed off-roading, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. The sport has only been growing and the average age range is actually 30-50 years old. Much older than I thought.

Another fun fact is the variety of forms of off-roading. Muddin’ isn’t the only type of off-roading I’ve found out. Green Laning involves finding a green pasture, or field requiring almost no special equipment. In the Middle East, Dune Bashing is the sport of choice (although illegal in most parts of the world). Finally there’s Rock Crawling. This entails climbing extremely harsh verticals and massive boulders.

As the sport continues to gain momentum more advanced vehicles will be produced to conquer even harsher terrain. Off-roading’s skill and technicality can be astonishing, check out today’s infographic for an even deeper look.