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You Should Be Reaching These Levels of Physical Activity

By | source:Here Feb 28th, 2021

The more time we spend indoors and behind computer screens, the easier it is to spend entire days without much physical activity. 

The Health and Human Services agency data shows that most Americans do not meet the physical activity standards doctors and experts agree is ideal for the average person. Blame it on our high-stress, fast-paced lifestyles, but it can be a challenge to prioritize physical exercise. 

The case for a child’s physical activity is even more alarming as studies show that fewer children are active on a daily basis. That seems almost impossible when you think about how much energy kids have! However, children are just as susceptible as adults to spending all day behind a computer or playing video games. 

The good news is that incorporating a healthy physical activity level does not have to change your routine too much. Many experts suggest that doing an activity that elevates your heart rate for 30-40 minutes just four times a week will do your overall health a wealth of good. 

The trick is to choose activities that are easy to incorporate into your day and that you look forward to doing! Find multiple ways to bring exercise into your week so you can begin elevating your heart rate, activating your lungs, and getting yourself on track to better health.