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These Are the Plants You Don’t Worry About Killing (As Much)

By | source:Here Aug 13th, 2018

Adding plants to a household can do wonders.  Suddenly a room transforms into a green living space. The only problem is, now you have to take care of those plants.   If plants are outdoors, you can let nature take care of most of the day to day maintenance.  Gardening has become a fairly common hobby, because seeing life grow from the fruits of your labor is pretty rewarding.   Indoors, even though you’re probably close enough enough to touch these plants day to day, the plants become so familiar they start to fly under the radar.  Then you stop watering and all of a sudden you have a wilted plant.

Succulents actually store water, which you can spot in their thick fleshy leaves.  Cactus are well known succulents, for example.   They make great indoor plants because they’re a bit less maintenance.   You still need to learn how and when to properly water your indoor succulents, though they don’t need to be watered as often as other indoor plants.

The trick is soaking the roots in water, then drying them out quickly. In connoisseur circles, this is called “the soak and dry method”. The key is tricking your plants so they prepare for a drought, then you soak them, then let them dry again. You should keep an eye on the soil, and if it’s moist, put off watering for another day or two.

In general, colorful succulents in red, orange and purple hues need more light than naturally green ones. So unless your idea of “indoors” is a sunny balcony, start easy with green succulents.  And hopefully they will last!