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How A Sauna Can Make You Your Best Self

By | source:Here Jul 26th, 2021

Looking to lose weight, combat stress, regulate your hormones, sleep better, or improve your memory? A sauna is your ticket to all of the above. As someone who breaks a sweat even in the wintertime, I’ve never really been drawn to saunas. Why would I want to sit in a box full of heat with no obvious reward? After reading this infographic, however, I’d be lying if I said “saunas near me” wasn’t in my search history. 

I can’t play a single sport to save my life, but maybe having a sauna at home would’ve made me an athlete. Not only does regular sauna use build up higher heat tolerance which in turn strengthens athletic performance, but hopping in the sauna has also proven to be an extremely effective aid in workout recovery. Maybe I’ll actually start hitting the gym more if I find one with sauna access. 

While more workout motivation is definitely appealing to me, there’s one astonishing plus to regular sauna use that definitely jumps out more than others: Research has proven that those who regularly use a sauna are at a lower risk for Alzheimer’s and Dementia. Seeing a loved one slowly lose themselves is beyond heartbreaking. Our memories are so precious and I believe that we deserve to hold tight to them until the end of our journeys. If sweating a little extra for a few minutes a day is what it takes to do that, sign me up.