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Save Big on Your Mortgage in Three Simple Steps

By | source: Apr 6th, 2012

The real-estate business is serious in America. After the housing bubble burst a few years ago the housing market has been in a lull. Down here in central Texas we haven’t seen near the extent of the housing problems like those in Detroit, but our market is definitely still for the buyer.

Especially in today’s market, buying a house could be a very good investment – if you get the right mortgage. A mortgage shouldn’t be something you pay every month. It is an adjustable note payable depending on how you plan out your payments. Lump sum and rapid bi-weekly payments can help take years off of your mortgage. Lump sum payments are applied directly to your principle, lowering your interest and possibly saving thousands.

Refinance your mortgage, especially if you are quiet a few years into it. Don’t be passive – research ways to better your mortgage situation to make sure you are on the way to owning your home outright. [RateSupermarket]