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Share Responsibility For The Planet

By | source:Recyclebank Apr 27th, 2015

People use social media to their own advantage for a lot of reasons. But have we tried using social media for the advantage of others or for our planet? We could be using it to save vast amounts of water and energy.

According to the infographic, we could save a 750,000,240,000 gallons of water if we all reduced our showering time by 1 minute. What if we encouraged each other by posting about how short our showers were? What if we used our online presence to make the world a better and more innovative place? Committing oneself to learning about something new can be time consuming. But watching and sharing a video isn’t so hard. Neither is running outside instead of using a treadmill! If we recycle electronics responsibly, we not only contribute to the creation of new technology, we prevent hazardous materials from ending up in the wrong place.

Take the idea of climate change out of the equation. Forget about all the hoopla and arguments in opposition to green initiatives. There is a moral obligation to maintaining and respecting one’s own environment. As easy as it can be to believe, we do NOT live in our own world. We share this one. Planet Earth is the one and only. We only have one chance to get it right. We all share responsibility for the planet.