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Should You Stay Or Should You Go?

By | source:Here May 11th, 2020

Do you like your job? If you don’t, then you’re not alone. The majority of Americans report that they are dissatisfied with their current job in some way. Deciding whether or not to quit your job can be a stressful decision based on many factors, but when you have this list of questions to look over it can make the choice a lot easier.

Sometimes you just need some room for growth, and that’s okay! What you’re looking for could even just be an opportunity within your current company. If that’s the case, you could explore training programs or open positions in the company you’re already at. However, if nothing like that is available, it might be best to start looking elsewhere for possibilities.

Before you even consider quitting your current job, you need to make sure you have a new job (that you’re excited about) officially lined up. If you don’t then you’ll at least want to have enough money saved up to live on until you do find something new.

Even though it may be overwhelming, you should look at this decision as a chance to grow as a person and really see what you want in life!