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Surprising Social Media Shortcuts You Need To Know

By | source:Here Aug 9th, 2019

Things move very quickly on social media. Blink and you might miss the latest trends or groundbreaking news. So wouldn’t it make sense to learn how to navigate faster through the different networks? Keep this keyboard shortcuts cheat sheet in handy and never miss a beat.

Switching between your keyboard and mouse when using social media costs you time. By learning some navigation shortcuts, you can save yourself close to 60 hours per year! That’s 60 hours of Netflix binges, friend hangouts, and cat videos your missing out on!

Shortcuts also make things more convenient. Ever try to pause a YouTube video during an exact scene? Getting your cursor on the tiny pause button can result in you missing the right moment. An easier way to do it is by simply pressing the spacebar.

In case you’re scrolling through Facebook and want to look at each post one by one, just press J to move forward and K to move back.  When you find ones worthy of your thumbs-up, just hit the L button.

Considering how many things happen each minute on social media, every second counts. Don’t waste anymore time with your mouse and instead start navigating like a pro!