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Why You Should Care About Global Warming

By | source:Here May 22nd, 2020

We’re all aware of the damage that we’re doing to the earth with our carbon emissions and greenhouse gasses. This infographic shows what a difference of just a half degree in temperature can make for life on earth.

If through our actions, we allow the average temperature on the earth to keep rising, we court disaster. Sea level rises could wipe out coastal areas. Extreme weather conditions could continue to leave people homeless, and food and water security will be shattered. The good news is it’s still not too late to slow it down.

We can clean up our act and slowly start turning back the clock. Use energy wisely and where possible use renewable energy. Cut waste of all sorts, including food waste. Eat less meat. Use public transport, walk, or cycle. Plant a tree. Reduce consumption of everything from clothing to appliances to household goods.

It may seem that one person or one family can make no difference, but the sum of all the changes across the globe can slow the risk of global warming.

Ours is a beautifully diverse world with so much to offer. Let’s leave it to future generations in a better condition than we find it in now.