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Sunburn’s Most Sneaky Tactics

By | source:Here Aug 1st, 2021

Did you know you can get a sunburn while chilling on your couch? 

As we jump back into summer, it’s time to reset our focus on protecting our skin from the sun’s powerful rays. And while it’s certainly crucial to layer up the sunscreen when you’re laying out on the beach or by the pool, those aren’t the only times that you need to be on red alert for sunburn. 

Indirect sun exposure poses a real risk to your skin’s health, too. That’s why it’s important to take the same protective measures you would when laying out anytime that you feel the sun shining down on you. That includes riding in the car, running quick errands, and even hanging out inside when you’re by a window. 

Believe me, I know that it’s tempting to skip the sunscreen in an attempt to get a tan. I’m as ready as the next person to ditch my pasty winter look for a sunkissed glow. There are better ways though than putting your skin in harm’s way. I’d rather look like Casper the Friendly Ghost a little longer than deal with burning shoulders, a peeling forehead, and the long-term cancer risks that come with sunburn.