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Thatsa Good Pizza!

By | source: Apr 18th, 2011

Dough, tomato sauce, and some cheese is all you need to make one of the most popular dishes in the United States of America, if not the world. Contrary to popular belief, pizza was not invented by the Italians. In fact, pizza has been around since the Neolithic time period, a time when it was still considered a food of the poor people. This contrasts today where even the finest restaurants serve “classy” pizza– for example California Pizza Kitchen which is an upscale restaurant when compared to something like Pizza Hut. The Ancient Greeks even had an early version of the pizza; they used to put oils, herbs, and cheese on their bread.

Before I forget, like us on FACEBOOK! I have heard of some pretty odd and interesting toppings on pizza here in the states, but none as weird as the toppings under the “Global Toppings” section of today’s infographic. As you may already know, Japan has a large fishing community and is famous for its sushi. However, the use of sea creatures does end there; if you ever find yourself in Japan you should try some squid on your pizza. Some other sea creatures you may find on your pizza in other countries include shrimp in Australia and eels in China. Amsterdam takes two of America’s favorite foods and adds them together by using hot dogs as a type of topping. This infographic is definitely worth your time. After all, the pizza industry is a 30 billion dollar industry. [via]

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