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The Barista’s Guide to Latte Art

By | source:Here Jan 26th, 2018

Nothing satisfies me more than a warm cup of coffee in the morning. What’s even nicer than a warm cup of coffee? A warm cup of coffee with a stunning image on top. Latte art has been a huge hit in coffee shops around the world, and this infographic tells you all about the process.

Latte art became popularized around 1996 by David Schomer. He is a Seattle-based barista who brought latte art to the masses in his book entitled, “Espresso Coffee.”

Of course, you are going to need coffee grounds and a coffee machine to make your own latte art, but you’ll need a few other tools. The pictures drawn on the latte are made of milk. In order to get this milk warmed up and whipped, you’ll need a steaming wand or frother to get that fluffy consistency. You’ll also need a small steaming pitcher to pour the milk onto the latte. Last but not least, you’ll need the classic bowl-shaped mug to bring your art to life.

Don’t be discouraged if you’re latte art doesn’t turn out how you want it. It will take a few attempts to get your ideal visual. Take it
from professional barista Ben Morrow, “Persistence, patience, and practice…”

I hope you can get inspired to make your own coffee creations. I know that I’ll be trying to make my own in the future. If you’re still needing a caffeine fix, check out the complete history of coffee.

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