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The Beer Web

By | source: Sep 1st, 2011

Every health magazine or website will tell you a glass of wine a day is ok. So a beer a day can’t be that bad can it? Many adult social events are based around beer and drinking in general. The ‘cool’ thing to do is grab a drink with your friends after work. So why not read this infographic and impress your friends with your extensive knowledge of beer?

Here in Austin, the Flying Saucer provides a large list of local and foreign brews on tap, and it’s quite the adventure. If you ever come by our part of town, you’ll definitely want to make a quick stop there.

It’s no surprise that Anheuser-Busch owns basically half of all the beers made. It’s still fun to browse around this massive web and look at all the beers. What’s your favorite beer? Let us know in the comments!

(This infographic is hard to read: Use here to view in high resolution) [Via]