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The Best Countries In The World For Work Life Balance

By | source:Here Sep 13th, 2023

The work life balance is important. It’s one of the things that makes people happy, but it’s also something that varies from country to country. So which countries offer the best work life balance? Well, I’m glad you asked because I’ve spent a lot of time researching this topic:

1. Luxembourg

Luxembourg is a small country in Europe, but it’s well known for its financial sector and high standard of living. The country has low unemployment rates, excellent healthcare facilities and plenty of green spaces to enjoy. You’ll find that Luxembourg offers many opportunities for expats looking to work abroad; the country’s economy depends on foreign workers who contribute to its growth through their skills or experience gained abroad while also boosting local employment rates by spending money during their stay (the average annual salary here is around $52k).


2. Finland

Finland is a great country to live in, with over 5.5 hours of leisure time per day and 42 hours of work each week. The average income is $35,000 USD per year and the mandatory vacation time is 21 days. There are no forced overtime policies in Finland–if you want to work more and earn more money, it’s up to you!


3. Norway

Norway is a great place to live, work and raise a family. The country has a high standard of living and low unemployment rates, making it an ideal destination for expats looking for work-life balance. Norway’s capital city Oslo offers plenty of opportunities for career growth with companies such as DNB Bank ASA, Aker Solutions ASA and Statoil ASA headquartered there. It’s also home to several international organizations including those involved in research into renewable energy sources such as solar power technology (SolTech) or wind turbines (Wind Harvest). As well as being an excellent place to build your career there are many reasons why Norway should be high on your list when considering where you want move next!


4. Iceland

Iceland is a country that has a strong work culture and a high standard of living. The average working week is only 39 hours, which means you’ll have plenty of time to enjoy the beautiful scenery and explore the island. The unemployment rate in Iceland is low, at around 2%, so there are plenty of jobs available if you’re thinking about moving there. The gender pay gap in Iceland is also very small compared to other countries in Europe, meaning that both men and women are paid equally for doing similar jobs at similar companies. And while we’re talking about salaries: they tend to be higher than average because taxes on income are lower than most other places!


5. Netherlands

The Netherlands is a great place to work. The country has a very high standard of living, with excellent healthcare, education and infrastructure. It’s also one of the safest countries in the world – so you can relax knowing that your family will be safe while you’re away at work! The Netherlands has one of Europe’s best economies, which means there are plenty of jobs available if you want them. With so much opportunity around it makes sense that many people choose this country as their home base when they’re looking for new employment opportunities abroad (or even just temporary assignments).


6. Sweden

Sweden is a great place to live and work. The country has a high quality of life, low unemployment rate and high standard of living. Sweden also has one of the highest life expectancies in the world with an average lifespan of 82 years old!


7. Spain

Spain is a great place to live if you’re looking for a good work-life balance. Your time off will be well deserved, and your salary will go further than it would in many other countries. As well as having an impressive number of public holidays per year (20), Spain also has one of the lowest unemployment rates in Europe at 6%. This means that there are plenty of jobs available for those who want them, which makes it easier for people who already have jobs to find extra work on the side if they need extra cash or experience. The cost of living is low compared with other Western European countries like Germany or France; however this does depend on where exactly you live within Spain itself! Some regions may cost more than others due to high rent prices but overall this isn’t something most locals will complain about as salaries tend not only match these costs but often exceed them too!


8. Austria

Austria is a great place to work, live, raise a family and retire. It’s also an excellent location for starting a business. The country’s economy has been growing at an average rate of 2% per year since 2008 and unemployment is below 5%. The government has introduced several measures to make it easier for small businesses to start up, including simplifying procedures for registering companies online or by phone; providing free legal advice for entrepreneurs; shortening waiting times for new companies’ bank accounts; reducing paperwork requirements for financial institutions (e.g., only one signature rather than two); eliminating unnecessary bureaucratic procedures such as audits by state inspectors etc.; creating tax incentives like special investment zones where investors can benefit from lower rates on income taxes paid by corporations if certain conditions are met such as creating jobs locally etc.


9. Estonia

Estonia is a great place to work. The country is small, so it’s easy to get around, and the standard of living is high. In addition, Estonia has an economy focused on improving itself rather than relying on other countries for support.


10. Germany

Germany is a good place for work life balance. The economy is strong and the standard of living high, with Germany having one of the highest standards in the world. The social security system is also very good, ensuring that you will always be able to access healthcare or support if you need it. There are plenty of opportunities for people to develop their careers here too, and many employers offer flexible working hours so that employees can spend more time with their families without sacrificing their careers. Germany also benefits from having excellent public transport options which makes getting around easier than most other countries around Europe or North America would have them believe!



Work life balance is an important concept in the modern world. It’s what allows you to have a good relationship with your family, friends and other people in your life. A lot of people go through their whole lives without ever having truly balanced work and personal time, but there are some countries where it’s easier to achieve this goal than others. So there you have it! The top 10 countries in the world for work life balance. I hope this list has helped you to decide where you might want to move next year so that you can enjoy a better work-life balance.