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The BEST TV Show Finale Ever… (Final Episodes Ranked)

By | source:Here Jan 21st, 2022

This chart shows 100 popular TV shows ranked by how well received their final episode was. The rankings used are IMDB, an online movie database that sources rankings and reviews from it’s community. Let’s see which shows ended with a bang, and which shows let their audience down.

Highest Rated Final Episodes

Breaking Bad stands at the top of the list as far as final episodes go. It received a 9.9 rating from IMDB on top of it’s series rating of a 9.5. It was a phenomenal ending to one of the all time great shows.

Chernobyl is tied at the top with Breaking Bad. I’m going to take some points away since it was a limited series of only 5 episodes and it was based on a true historical story. While the series was impressive, and wrapped up nicely, it’s hard to top the Breaking Bad finale.

Other shows that make the list are The Office, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Person of Interest, The Americans and Hannibal.

Worst Rated Final Episodes

Immediately most of you are probably thinking Game of Thrones belongs here. While it was a catastrophe of a finale, it doesn’t quite take the bottom spot on the list. House of Cards is the lowest rated finale, although much of this might be due to the allegations against the lead actor, Kevin Spacey and not necessarily because the episode was all that bad. The final episode received a 2.6 rating.

Next up is Two and a Half Men which got a rating of 3.9 for it’s final episode. Game of Thrones is probably the most disappointing final season which culminated in a truly horrific final episode. Nothing seemed to make sense. With the whole world watching, the Game of Thrones writers truly let their audience down with an abysmal conclusion to an incredible show.