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The Chemical Composition of Your House

By | source: Sep 8th, 2011

Most of us consider our home to be the safest place on the earth. But depending on your lifestyle, your home may be the source of some serious chemical hazards. I certainly don’t want to scare anyone out of their own home, so be sure to use your own judgement and wisdom when reading this infographic. I hope by now you know that many household cleaners contain toxic components and they should not be consumed… However, I found it useful to know about more natural alternatives to house maintenance using simple things like olive oil and vinegar.

If you’re an OCD neat freak germaphobe, maybe it’s best you skip today’s infographic. I’m sure your house is plenty safe and clean. For others with kids and pets, be sure you know the dangers in every zone of your house. I know everyone is tired of hearing “organic this” and “organic that”… but seriously, you’re basically as good as Survivorman if you can clean your whole house with just salt.

Even if you do buy a bunch of chemicals to clean your house…at least you support jobs for us chemical engineers. Let me know if you have any other cool “home remedies” for cleaning in the comments. [Via]