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The Cost of a Big Mac Around the World

By | source:Here Feb 18th, 2022

How much does a Big Mac cost around the world? You’d be surprised by how much the price varies depending on where you are on the globe…

A Big Mac is the signature hamburger at McDonald’s, and might be one of the most iconic foods on earth. In fact, in America along over 1.5 million Big Macs are sold each day.

Where is a Big Mac the most expensive?

The country where a Big Mac costs the most if Switzerland. The price is nearly $7 and is multiples higher than the price in some other countries. After Switzerland at $6.98 per burger, Norway comes in at $6.39 and The United States at $5.81.

Where is a Big Mac the cheapest?

Two countries stand out as being significantly cheaper than all the rest when it comes to Big Mac pricing. In Russia you will be charged $1.74 and in Turkey it will cost you $1.86 for a Big Mac.

The reason the price of a Big Mac varies so wildly across the globe is due to the fundamental economic concept of supply and demand. In countries with large amounts of the components that go into a Big Mac, such as beef, lettuce, wheat etc. and little demand for the product, the price becomes very cheap.

In addition to the component pricing, the overhead of the restaurant can be a big factor. This is why a Big Mac in the center of New York City will be more expensive than one in rural Oklahoma.

There are even some healthier McDonald’s options available these days. You can learn a lot about economics by paying attention to the price of a Big Mac!