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The Entire History of the Condom

By | source: Jan 11th, 2015

Condoms. Whether you like them or not, they can make or break your situation (literally). These penis-gloves enable the ordinary human with extraordinary capabilities. A thin layer of latex can stop dozens of diseases in their tracks. Not only will they block sickness, one of the most important – if not the preceding reason for their existence – is to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

The history of condoms stretches hundreds, even thousands of years. It isn’t anything new – only the technology has changed. If you think your ‘his & her’ condoms have elevated your sex life, think again; these ‘modern’ condoms are nothing more but a marketing ploy. Ultra ribbed, exotic flavors, super thin – these adjectives add nothing to your sex life but dollar signs.

Condoms are ingenious, but only for their intended purpose. Let’s not underestimate that. As each generation takes the next step towards adulthood, condoms will be there like a helicopter mom to keep things ‘kosher.’

With male birth control on the verge of social acceptance and availability, condoms may take a back seat to their initial intended purpose. Protection against disease and infections will continue to make condoms a vital part of sexual encounters. Their history is richly intertwined with humanity. Take a peek at today’s infographic to gain more foresight into our latex-y friends. [via]