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The Evolution of Makeup

By | source: Mar 31st, 2012

I would consider myself a makeup junkie. I have so many lipsticks, eyeshadows and eyeliners and I donâ??t even use half of it! But when I do use makeup, I like to pair it with my outfits to express my personality and how Iâ??m feeling for the day. Whether it be electric blue eyeliner winged out at the tip, or a dark berry lip, I always have fun experimenting with different types of makeup.

Looks like women as far back as 4000BC had the same type of outlook on beauty and expression when it came to beauty. Ancient Egyptian women kohl to blacken their upper and lower lids, and in the 1600â??s, women unknowingly powered their faces arsenic powder to matte those pesky oily areas on their face.  While todayâ??s info graphic stops at 2002, it is interesting to see how makeup was first utilized. Women went through amazing lengths to try and accentuate their conceptions of beauty.

After todayâ??s infographic, I hope all you men and women appreciate the lengths women go for beauty and self expression. As you can see, it is an art form that has taken generations to take form.  [via]

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