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The Fun Scale: An Outdoor Activity Guide To Measure How Totally Fun It Is To Go Outdoors

By | source:Here Jan 11th, 2023

The Fun Scale is a guide to help you measure how totally fun it is to go outdoors. We know that everyone’s definition of fun is different, so use this book to measure your own idea of the best fun in the world and rank your favorite activities against others: what’s more fun; hiking or swimming? Go for a bike ride, or lie on a hammock? Hike through a city with all its noise and lights and traffic, or sleep under the stars in peace? This book will answer all these questions while giving you recommendations on where to go camping, what to wear when leaping into an icy stream (or not), when enjoying yourself outdoors can be selfish, and how eating stinky cheese sandwiches straight out of the tupperware can actually be relaxing.

When you’re outside, it can be tough to tell how much fun you’re having. That’s why we created the Fun Scale: an outdoor activity guide that measures your level of fun on a scale from “this is miserable” to “I’m having so much fun right now, I might die.”

This is a guide to measuring how totally fun it is to go outdoors.

The Fun Scale is a scale of 1-3, measuring how much fun you are having outdoors. It can be used to measure your own personal experience of enjoying the great outdoors, or as a way to compare experiences with another person. The Fun Scale isn’t necessarily meant to measure how much fun it is to be indoors—it’s just about being outdoors! Being in the great outdoors can be so amazing that sometimes it’s hard not to grab onto someone and scream “THIS IS TOTALLY FUN,” but we don’t recommend doing this without first establishing whether or not they have any allergies.

We hope you enjoyed this guide to measuring how totally fun it is to go outdoors. We’re excited for you to get out there and have an adventure, because we think that the world is a pretty great place, and it deserves all the love it can get.