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The Music Industry and Online Piracy

By | source: Aug 13th, 2010

We are all Pirates. Do not deny it. Every time you give a burned CD to a friend, put music on a flash drive, ask your kids to download you a CD, lend out your external, or download from the web you’re “stealing.” We are very nice pirates though. We don’t keep everything to ourselves, we share our booty with the world.

Sure, the music industry sucks. They’d rather sue people for absurd amounts than change their business model. That isn’t entirely true.  The big labels are changing how they make money, but with a such big corporations it takes a long time. Just think of all the lawsuits filed as the only way the record labels can fend off illegal downloading until they have a more diversified business plan. I’m not going to say basing your whole business on one source of income (album sales) was a smart thing in the first place. That was a horrible idea, but now they are paying the price.

I also hate that the industry whines all the time about how no one buys music any more and they blame it entirely on internet pirates. Look at where we spend our money in the entertainment industry now a days, video games. If someone buys 6 video games a year that is 360 dollars not spent on music. It isn’t like people suddenly have so much money that they can afford all forms of entertainment and keep spending as much money on music as they like. [Via]