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The Science Of Habit: Popular Habits Vs. Popular Addictions

By | source:Here Oct 3rd, 2019

Did you know the “gaming disorder” is now considered a disease by the World Health Organization? As unexpected as it may sound, the inability to stop gaming has now been included in the International Classification of Diseases.

Maybe this “gaming disorder” doesn’t sound as serious as other problems, such as alcoholism or drug addiction. However, digital addiction is becoming a growing and quite serious problem. The World Health Organization and big corporations like Google and Apple have acknowledged this situation, but people remain in the dark about just how easy it is to become an addict given our current technology.

Most apps and social media platforms have developed a reward system that keeps you hooked. Receiving ‘likes’ in your posts becomes an instant satisfaction that can grow into an obsession if you are not aware of its effects. Social media apps, games, or even shopping platforms hire professionals to develop persuasive messages that make you want to stay online all the time.

If these platforms are specially designed to make you want to stay, how can you fight digital addiction? We recommend developing a hobby that occupies your time and engages your mind. This doesn’t mean you should never use your social platforms, but remember, addictions grow almost without you noticing. So, it’s better to always be aware of its possible repercussions.