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The Top 10 Pay-Per-View Fights Of All Time

By | source:USAToday May 7th, 2015

“Bro, you see the fight?” Is all I’ve seemed to hear for the last few days. No, I didn’t see the fight bro. Wanna know why? I forgot… I also heard most people expected the fight to go exactly how it actually went. No surprise there, but the money this fight brought in is a surprise.

By taking the top spot as the most PPV’d fight of all time, it leaves 10 other past fights in its wake. Mike Tyson takes the cake for participating in a total of four of the top 10 fights, he lost 3 of them. Another insight into the world of big-league PPV fights is that they actually do have the bang for their buck.

The average big PPV fight lasts, on average, 9.5 rounds. That’s a good amount of punching time. These match-ups are booked with the best talent and marketed like crazy.