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The Ultimate Poultry Roasting Guide (Thanksgiving Edition)

By | source:imgur Nov 25th, 2015

Thanksgiving has come again and aren’t you ready to take that next step in your life and cook the main dish? I know turkey dominates the oven as the poster-child of the Thanksgiving tradition, but poultry of all shapes and sizes can make an appearance.

Today’s infographic focuses plenty of cooking turkey, but also takes a look at other poultry you may fancy. The famed Turducken is also included on this guide. You know when you put the duck inside the chicken, that’s inside the turkey. It’s fantastic if you’ve every tried it, but beware when cooking it – it is no fast food.

Of all the poultry included to the left, Goose is one I haven’t had the pleasure of tasting. Not only that, I had no idea Goose was even an option to eat. There are plenty of geese squawking around town, should I hunting?

Have a great Thanksgiving and cook something great!