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The United States of News- Which States View Networks The Most

By | source:Here Sep 19th, 2021

 Land of the free, home of the brave, kingdom of news internet.

The United States is home to millions of individuals who are all trying to stay caught up to date with what exactly each other are up to. One of the most common ways that we try to understand our diverse and ever-changing nation is by getting on our phone or computer and heading over to our favorite news site. 

One beautiful aspect of our populous nation is that we’re granted free speech, and we use that free speech to present news in various ways. Certain news sites cater to specific political ideologies, while others aim to be more factual, and some even aim to present news in an entertaining manner. 

Just as people have preferences for which social media site they frequent, individuals’ unique preferences and backgrounds lead to them favoriting some news sources over others. 

This graphic showcases the interesting fact that the most popular news source varies from state to state. Certain regions of the country seem to group together as well, with the southwest seeming to be a fan of Yahoo! News whereas the upper east coast spends more time on CNN. 

These geographical patterns certainly make me wonder why people favor certain news sources, and if individual news websites cater to specific locations intentionally. Maybe we all have more in common with our neighbors than we think?