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Tips To Avoid Counterfeit Goods On Cyber Monday

By | source: Dec 1st, 2013

Happy Sunday before Cyber Monday! While this â??holidayâ? celebrates online bargains. The internet makes shopping so much easier by allowing you to have a digital checkout where you don’t even have to get out of bed. The entire internet can be used to find almost any kind of merchandise desired by you and you those you are searching for presents for.

Shoes like Air Jordan’s, purses by Vera Bradley, and phone cases like the LifeProof case, even more importantly name brand medicines are all available for purchase online. These and items like these highly held items are often found on sale on Cyber Monday. But buyers beware of what you are purchasing.

Counterfeit goods are goods that are bought accidentally and can even be dangerous to the buyer. From production to distribution, there are regulations that legally protect the consumer. However, when you purposefully or accidentally buy a counterfeit good, you are shorting yourself the protection of either domestic or global mandates.

Counterfeit goods not only do harm to the general public, but they also harm our producers and the industries they belong to by funneling income away from them. Intercontinental and global initiatives like INTERPOL’s Medical Product Counterfeiting and Pharmaceutical Crime Unit, Homeland Securities Investigations, and many more are teaming up to put counterfeiters out of business. The best way you can help yourself and help our shared economy is to be knowledgeable and educated about potential counterfeit merchandise. [Via]