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Try These Tips To Test If A Plant Is Edible And Boost Your Chances Of Survival

By | source:Here Oct 10th, 2021

Being lost in a forest or landing on a deserted island is something we don’t usually worry about, but in a hypothetical survival scenario when we might end up lost and away from civilization, finding out food or water would be our top priority if we’re expecting to last long in the wild until we find our back to civilization, or just endure enough until a rescue team can find us.

Of course, water is very important, but it’s more a matter of finding it or finding a way to collect it for your use; food, on the other hand, is a little harder to find; luckily, plants tend to grow everywhere and anywhere, and given that us—humans—are naturally omnivores, so it should be safe for us to receive nurture from some plants as well, but which plants? If you pick the wrong plant and eat it right away, you could end up poisoned!

Unless you can recognize what kind of edible plants are in your surroundings, this infographic provides some simple tests you can try yourself in order to avoid eating something that could have an undesirable effect on your stomach, and keep you nourished at least long enough to keep you going.