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Anatomy of an All-Nighter

By | source: Jul 30th, 2013

“To sleep or not to sleep… Nope, no time to sleep.”

We’ve all been there. The classic all-nighter is something every college kid knows about. No doubt all-nighters are a product of procrastination. No one is perfect and often we get so caught up in the present that the immediate future takes a backseat to the current.

We’ve all had a deadline that we completely forgot about. It happens. Just be smart about how you go about preparing and keeping yourself ready for the long hours of the night.

Be conscious of what you are eating. Foods high in fat can slow you down. Stick the healthy snack foods. Avoid drinking too much coffee, you’ll only get jittery and you could crash. Instead take a break to work out or stretch. Get the blood pumping. The more your blood is circulating, the more oxygen your brain gets.

If you’re going to sleep, and still consider it an all-nighter, stick to power naps. Rest between 10-30 minutes and you should be more refreshed and energized. However, if you are a deep sleeper like me, power naps don’t work at night. You’ll wake up pissed you didn’t get a darn thing done.

Though this infographic is aimed at students, sleep deprivation effects everyone the same. Sleep deprivation can be hazardous to ones health in the long run. The body needs time to repair itself. You’ve got to let your body do it’s thing so you can get back to doing yours. [via]